• Personal development knows no failure - it is evolution by trial and self-discovery.

  • There is no problem without solutions, be they simple or ingenious - there are only problems which haven’t received proper attention.

  • Coaching. Management. Consultancy. You choose your way towards success, we help you reach it efficiently.

What do YOU want?

When CMC can come to your aid

All we ever want is ‘more’ and ‘better’ – a better career, a more satisfying life, a more motivating work environment. Companies also pursue a continuous improvement of their activities and revenues – and they are molded by the same people, with their aspirations towards what is better, what comes a step forward to them.


In order to make that step forward, you need change. In order to embark in this process, you need awareness. In order to garner positive results, you need an adequately enforced strategy.

Evolution Perspective

Together, we search for the solutions that fit.

Personal and professional development is not limited to your route from point A to point B – they are continuous, incessant processes. Coaching, management and consultancy are development instruments which help you follow your wishes and always move forward, no matter what you want to do.


We believe in solutions we create together with you, based on your resources and motivation. We believe in the analysis of a larger perspective and the construction of a plan which allows you to fulfill your objectives, one by one.


…if you want to reach your every goal!

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Each person or business has its strengths and weaknesses. Do you want to let go of the latter? Schedule a meeting with us!


Our first conversation helps us know each other, hence it’s free of charge. Make your first step towards change!



What our customers say

  • “We are delighted by the way that our collaboration with Evolution Perspective has unfolded. Passionate, persevering, ambitious and creatively gifted - this is how the people we’ve worked with turned out to be, during a defining period for our brand.”

    - C.G., Snijana
  • “The fact that someone could help me discover what it is I want to do and further supported me in transforming my wish into reality has been a revelation. Evolution has rewarded my trust with impressive results.”

    - S.P., Effect Center
  • “The coach I worked with helped me surpass a critical point in my private and professional life. My initial reluctance to this type of services was finally broken down by a series of meetings which have brought me to the answers I had been searching for, for years.”

    - A.T.

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